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That will not make you a better shooter

This whole blog may seem counter intuitive for me to write, considering I own a gun store. But I am in business to make a better and stronger community, not just to turn a profit.

This is going to be hard for some of you to hear. If you suck at shooting, having a $3,000 Staccato is not going to make you John Wick. While it is true that few guns feel as great as a Staccato and they are much easier to shoot, if you do not have good fundamentals then you are still going to suck.

I frequently hear people in my shop say that they want to get a Staccato or other gun because "they make you a better shooter". Now I will be the first to admit that few guns compare to the experience of shooting a Staccato. However, I have noticed that many of these people who say this do not have the basic fundamentals mastered. The hard truth is, if you do not have a good grip, stance, holster draw, etc. Then you are still going to miss your target.

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