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Aftermath of self-defense.

I am going to start by summing up the entire post. If you only take one thing from the blog, let it be this: YOU ONLY HAVE THE RIGHTS THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO KEEP.

When can you use force for the purpose of self-defense. You can use force to protect yourself or others from the threat of serious bodily harm or death. Now, it is fine and dandy to know that line. However, are you able to articulate why you perceived the threat to be at a level of self-defense?

Owning a gun store, I hear all kinds of myths about the use of deadly force as it relates to self-defense. Everyone just says all you have to say is "I was in fear for my life." Well, let me be clear, if your entire story is 'I was afraid,' then congrats, you just bought yourself 25 to life.

My time as a police officer, I had the unfortunate experience of locking people up who acted in self-defense, but they did not know how to articulate why they did what they did.

So, what do you say? First, and this is coming from years of firsthand experience as a police officer, you do not give your story to the police at all. There is a basic script that you should stick to when speaking to responding officers:

  • First, make sure your weapon is not in your hands.

  • Give the police your name.

  • Tell them where your weapon is, but DO NOT TOUCH IT.

  • Tell them that you would like a lawyer before you speak about the incident.

Now for the most important part, shut your mouth until you speak to a lawyer.

I cannot tell you how you should articulate a specific incident; that is what your lawyer is for. You can go over things now before something happens that may set your mind at ease when an event does occur.

  • Know what your red line is. What circumstances have to happen for you to use lethal force?

  • Are you willing to put yourself/family through the aftermath?

  • Are you willing to go through it to protect a stranger?

  • Know what the reasonable test is. In a court of law, most things are put to a reasonable test. The test is simple: would a reasonable person react in the same manner that you did, given the same circumstances?

Consider purchasing Concealed Carry Insurance. I would recommend Attorneys on Retainer. I am not sponsored by them and cannot get you a good deal. I would suggest talking with people from multiple companies and looking at past cases that they have handled and cases that they have denied."

Remember "Stay strapped or get clapped"- George Washington (probably)

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