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Advanced CCW

Now that you have your Concealed carry license you may be asking yourself many questions like What kind of holsters, belts, or ammo should I use? Maybe you are wondering when or if you should draw your weapon?

This class is designed to answer all of those questions and more. We will cover everything from what type of holsters work best, what ammo to buy, how to draw from a holster. You will also run through scenarios on the "shoot or don't shoot" simulators". The scenarios are designed to give you a better understanding of when / how you may use your weapon in self defense. *This class is not required to conceal carry. 

Child / family firearm safety 

This class is designed to teach both children how to handle many different types of firearms. Students will learn about the importance of proper firearms handling and usage. Students will have the opportunity to shoot rifle, handguns, and shotguns on the simulators. The price of tuition includes a BB gun so that they may continue learning at home. A parent is required to stay during the class.

Place of worship/ business security 

  Training existing security teams or starting a new one. We will do a walkthrough and policy review with leadership to customize the best course possible for your facility. The basic course fills one whole day. The course covers everything from the need for a security team to live scenarios. The course also includes Stop the Bleed. We will conduct the course at your facility. If your church does not have a facility we have multiple local churches that will allow use to train in their facility.

Other Classes Available

Pistol Red dot

Womens Safety 


Stop the Bleed


Private Shooting Lessons

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