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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual shooting range?

The Range has no live ammo. Think of a golf simulator, with guns instead of clubs.

Why virtual shooting?

How much does it cost?

  • $25 for 55 minutes for one person.

  • $30 for 55 minutes for one Fri/Sat after 6pm

  • $10 per extra person, max of 6 people per lane.

  • Laser cartridges are $2 to rent.

  • Mantis is $5 to rent.

There are many reasons why virtual shooting is worth your time. First, it's fun. Second, because of the lack of ammo, shooters can move around in the lane, draw from a holster, and run drills that would not be allowed at a normal shooting range. Third, the lack of live ammo makes a better learning environment for new or timid shooters. 

Is there an age limit?

No, The Range was built out of the desire to train our own small children to shoot. All ages are welcome at The Range.

Do you offer classes?

Can I use real guns?

Yes, The Range has laser cartridges for rent in multiple calibers. These cartridges are placed in the chamber of the firearm and emit a laser upon pulling the trigger. The Mantis Blackbeard is used for AR-15s, it replaces the bolt carrier and charging handle. This emits a laser on the trigger pull and resets the trigger. Do not bring live ammo or a loaded firearm into The Range, you will be asked to leave.

Do you offer concealed carry classes?

Yes, The Range offers a multitude of classes for all levels of shooters. The Range also offers private shooting lessons. The Range offers many options for group classes, no matter your budget. The Range is committed to training as many people as possible. Please contact us for more information.

Can I host a party?

Yes, The Range has a classroom that is able to accommodate most of your party needs. The Range also has the ability to travel for a party as long as a space is provided.

The Range has partnered with Black Hat handgun for concealed carry classes. Black Hat offers Classes for ND and MN concealed carry. Please visit to schedule a class.

Does The Range give back?

The Range is strongly committed to building a better community. The Range offers free classes and gear to teachers and first responders.

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